About Us

BAD OAK Studio apparel offers unique graphic t-shirts and accessories featuring cityscapes and various nature scenes that you won't find anywhere else online. Each design showcases familiar sites and landmarks in an entirely new way. Our goal is to instill a sense of pride in the communities where we live, from Coast to Coast.

We're city people, through and through. We've spent our whole lives immersed in the bustle of skyscrapers, blasting LED lights and that unmistakable city scent. But we also love the great outdoors—the calm, cool and crisp feeling of the wind on our faces, the sweet smell of nature's wares, the incessantly chipper sounds of birds singing about their day. The best part about being in a city is how close it is to gorgeous nature. And so here we are: balancing on that fine line between city and nature, bringing you unique apparel that celebrates our little hobby of urban exploration. 

With Creative, Unique and High-Quality products, BAD OAK aims to spread the love of City culture while supporting outdoor activities. With a bit of humor and a lot of motivation, we hope you will join us in creating a better place to live for this generation and the next.